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dentist Manlius, NY
Paul Martellock
14:38 16 May 24
I am an new patent, so far my experiences has been very good. Everyone is cheerful and helpful. Keep up the good work!
dentist Manlius, NY
Nicole M
21:45 07 May 24
Great staff from front of house to back! Dentists are personable and do a great job providing patient education on prevention measures! They are great with my children as well !
dentist Manlius, NY
Anne Aaserud
10:19 08 Apr 24
LOVE, LOVE,LOVE MY NEW DENTAL CROWN. I was treated by Dr Chance Wagner for a crown replacement. I had this crown for many years and for many years was plagued with fog getting g caught in front of the crown and under the gum. I could not eat anything without food, especially meat would get caught and the only relief was provided by water flossing the gum. Dr Chance thought he could do a better job of making a replacement crown, and less would get caught. He made a new crown a bit larger than the existing crown. No food and I mean NO FOOD gets caught there. This whole procedure takes about a total of 2 hours and can be done the same day. I did not believe such relief was possible. Thank you Dr Chance and Manlius Dental Group for an extraordinary job well gone! The whole staff is professional, friendly efficient.
dentist Manlius, NY
William Karrat
18:31 31 Mar 24
This is the first time that I have written a review for anything. I have to say that the whole staff at Manlius Dental Group is tremendous! From reception to the wonderful Doctor's to the dental coordinator they were all wonderful and caring and they don't waste your time. They are very easy to talk to and they listen to your concerns. If you are in need of a high-quality dental group, then I highly recommend the Manlius Group! From a routine cleaning to major dental work, you will more than satisfied!
dentist Manlius, NY
14:35 18 Mar 24
Great dental office! The staff are friendly, professional, and caring and the dentists go out of their way to ensure you feel comfortable during procedures
dentist Manlius, NY
Mercedes Moore
22:58 23 Dec 23
This is the best dental place I've ever been to. it's clean, the workers are professional, nice, and they care about the customers. They treat you like family, I would definitely recommend them to other individuals looking for a dentist.
dentist Manlius, NY
Matthew Kowaleski
23:11 13 Dec 23
I've been going to Manlius dental for a few years. Recently I called about a chipped tooth at 130 pm the day before I had to leave for a business trip.. Less than a hour later they had me in and having the problem resolved. I would highly recommend Manlius Dental to anyone that needed dental work! Best Dental group ever! Huge thank you!
dentist Manlius, NY
Carol Satchwell
14:26 08 Nov 23
I have been going to Manlius Dental Group for 20+ years and their service and care has always been excellent! Our family of four are all patients there. Tina is wonderful too!
dentist Manlius, NY
Kristen Holt
13:18 01 Nov 23
I was super impressed at my first appointment. Everyone was so friendly. kind, calming and knowledgeable. I would give 10 stars if I could!!
dentist Manlius, NY
connie forte
11:07 29 Oct 23
So my husband has chosen Manlius Dental Group for his new smile. Everyone including the dentist has given him much needed care and confidence toward the upcoming procedure, taking into account his medical condition, recovery time and beyond.
dentist Manlius, NY
Dale Russo
16:48 27 Sep 23
Any one who has submitted insurance claims ...know the on going challenge this has become! You are ready to go to the Moon ..! What is refreshing is the determination with the Front desk that she simply DID NOT quit on me... again and again she went back to the Insurer on my behalf .. You will be impressed ... not only with skills of Dr also the Staff up front - WIN WIN !
dentist Manlius, NY
Corey Lee
15:18 23 Sep 23
I recently switched Dental practices and am a new patient at the Manlius Dental Group. At my first visit, Dr. Jake Recommended I have my fillings redone. I agreed and came back for a second visit this week. I didn’t have a great experience at my previous Dentist so I was nervous. Dr. Chance and his assistant Sara were excellent at putting my concerns to rest and my fillings feel great. It was as nice of an experience as I could imagine getting fillings.
dentist Manlius, NY
Charlie Polka
22:49 15 Aug 23
Professional. Clean. Convenient. Friendly doctors and staff. Been going here for years and have had only good experiences.
dentist Manlius, NY
Maria Wheelock
10:00 06 Jun 23
I have had only exceptional dental care from this group of dentists and their staff, delivered with a friendly and caring attitude. Because dental services can be costly, I looked at prices at a couple of other offices in the Syracuse area to compare prices and found them to be in line with other dental groups. I concluded that they are reasonably priced and deliver a high quality service. I highly recommend them!
dentist Manlius, NY
Emilee Doupe
19:45 03 May 23
This entire team is amazing! I was experiencing excruciating tooth pain, Manlius Dental group got me right in. I was immediately tended to upon arrival. Everyone was so accommodating and friendly, even sympathetic. The doctor offered me a few options, and then explained every step as we began the procedure. I felt very comfortable here and knew I was in good hands. I left a different person than I arrived as and I could not be more grateful. Thank you so much to ALL the staff!
dentist Manlius, NY
Andrea Velasco
23:14 11 Jan 23
Today I had my wisdom teeth extraction, the experience was wonderful, from the moment you walk into the office everyone makes you feel welcome and has your comfort as a priority. I have to admit I was nervous but Dr. Jake did an amazing job, I felt absolutely no pain and he was very gentle with the extraction, it's been several hours and it's like nothing happened.I recommend 100% manlius dental group!!! The entire staff is very professional making the atmosphere very pleasant.
dentist Manlius, NY
Caroline Lounsbury
22:11 07 Oct 22
Never thought I'd say I love a dentist, but I love this place. Everyone I have dealt with has been kind and compassionate. Absolutely recommend them.
dentist Manlius, NY
Kevin Corcoran
23:27 08 Sep 22
Crown replacement, cavity taken care of all in one visit. Professional wonderful patient care that had me at ease from the walk in the door. Welcomed by great front end office staff, guided in by pleasant and knowledgeable, professional dental assistant from the beginning to the end of the process, assisting the excellent Dr. Aleks. High grades. Awesome. Perfect Crown. Looking Good.
dentist Manlius, NY
Jeanne Smith
14:02 03 Sep 22
Love the new equipment that makes cleaning so easy. Rachel was thorough, professional and such fun as my tech. Many thanks
dentist Manlius, NY
Bill Klick
00:59 02 Sep 22
Brough my son there for the first time. He has a lot of anxiety about going to the dentist. They were extremely kind and patient. The best experience he has ever had. Thank you so much!
dentist Manlius, NY
James Irish
20:35 11 Jul 22
I am so very glad I found these guys and I can't say thank you enough. I believe a medication I was on for Crohn's disease made my teeth brittle on top of that I was a teeth grinder and I did a lot of damage to my teeth. When the doctor sat down and told me there where options, I saw hope again. I am so very embarrassed by my teeth that I don't leave the house ever. I miss a lot with my kids. He explained a process of using implants that blew my mind. I will be free again and I can go anywhere. I just wanted to drop in and say that so far I am overjoyed with the thought of having beautiful teeth again. I want to keep you posted on my journey and I definitely want to do "after" pictures. See ya soon....UPDATE:So... I'm mostly healed up and I've got my permanent upper teeth. It looks amazing. Dr. Jake is a wizard of dentistry. He's guided me along this journey and bent over backwards to give me my new beautiful smile. Dr. Zak is amazing also. She's a perfectionist at making a natural look in my dentures. She has given me her time and effort and I wanted to just say how much I appreciate everything she's done. Now we're on to the bottom denture in the weeks to come and I'm very excited to see the end result. These guys at Revercome are the best your gonna ever come across. I recommend anyone and everyone to see these guys first. I'll update soon and I look forward to showing my end result. See you soon.....
dentist Manlius, NY
Ann Marie Martorana
11:55 28 Apr 22
Well run office. Staff is friendly and accommodating. Good job.4/28/2022. My dentist and all the staff are absolutely wonderful.I feel they are very attentive to my needs. Go here!!!!!!!
dentist Manlius, NY
Sharon VanDeuson
17:09 12 Apr 22
Revercomb Dental has been a refreshing experience. I have always been scared to go to the dentist and since going to Revercomb that feeling is starting to fade. They are always so kind, happy and patient in every way. I truly appreciate them all.
dentist Manlius, NY
Tim C
21:23 06 Apr 22
My six-month check up was today, and as always the entire staff is first rate and courteous as well as knowledgeable. I would recommend this practice to anyone.
dentist Manlius, NY
Kylie Wilkes
21:26 22 Mar 22
Jacob Revercomb is the BEST Dentist and person.... doesn't try to upsale, only does necessities, FANTASTIC TEAM, and I've had a lot of work done!!
dentist Manlius, NY
Elizabeth Costello
19:06 24 Jan 22
Excellent treatment, as always! I've been a patient for more than 40 years, and Dr. Gary, Dr. Jake, and Dr. Steve have always taken very good care of my challenging teeth.Had my semi-annual cleaning today (1/24/22), and Grace was very gentle and thorough. I know I'm always in good hands!
dentist Manlius, NY
Frank Wilson
12:03 04 Jan 22
The dentists, technicians and office staff are highly skilled, efficient and friendly. Appointments always run on time and there are never any surprises. Their facility is state of the art, fresh, very clean and extremely well maintained and cared for. We are very glad that our family made the switch to this dentist's office ~5 years ago.
dentist Manlius, NY
James DeLapp
15:46 21 Dec 21
Wonderful practice with very professional and friendly staff. State of the art equipment and efficiency run office.
dentist Manlius, NY
Virginia Shanley
20:18 24 Nov 21
Everything went like clockwork! My tooth filling was addressed within minutes of my arrival and was handled with no pain or discomfort. The staff is very personable and friendly, but I count on their professional expertise to take care of my dental needs and they always attend to that perfectly!! Thank you all!
dentist Manlius, NY
David Revette
15:14 24 Nov 21
I've had many crowns done over the years and my recent experience withReverecomb Dental was by far the best! I walked out with a new crown and didn't have to have a temporary like I usually do. The experience was painless, and everyone was very professional and friendly. I highly recommend them.
dentist Manlius, NY
Daniel Thibault
22:01 23 Nov 21
Very high class business that excels in efficient and excellent service delivered with a lot of patience and kindness. Highly recommended
dentist Manlius, NY
Julie Bookhout
17:47 16 Nov 21
As always, my dental visit could not have been nicer. The hygienists and assistants are so friendly, and make you feel you are the only patient they have. Dr. Aleks made a crown for me. A long, but not unpleasant procedure requiring some waiting. Britta gave me a neck pillow, and later on I got cold so she brought in a plush blanket which she tucked around me. Watched tv during the wait. The only thing missing was coffee! I miss seeing Dr Jake and Dr. Gary, but Dr. Aleks is awesome! The crown fit perfectly. I enthusiastically recommend this practice.
dentist Manlius, NY
patricia chetwin
18:07 03 Nov 21
thank you Sarah and Dr Jake. You couldn't have been kinder. And kudos to Sarah for suggesting a neck pillow which I'll now use on every visit!
dentist Manlius, NY
18:33 28 Oct 21
dentist Manlius, NY
Ruth Rogers
21:06 14 Oct 21
I have been going Revercomb's for many years and they always do a wonderful job.
dentist Manlius, NY
Victoria Swanson
19:39 25 Sep 21
After my first visit I was glad I chose Manlius Dental Group as my new dentist. All the staff were very friendly and informative. They and Dr. Alex appear to be interested in their patients. It was a welcoming atmosphere.
dentist Manlius, NY
Marie Marschall
00:43 04 Aug 21
Dr. Jake is awesome.. he’s very gentle and the procedure is painless. The staff is professional and friendly. The office is clean and modern. What more can you ask for 🙂
dentist Manlius, NY
James Irish
01:13 25 Jul 21
I am so very glad I found these guys and I can't say thank you enough. I believe a medication I was on for Crohn's disease made my teeth brittle on top of that I was a teeth grinder and I did a lot of damage to my teeth. When the doctor sat down and told me there where options, I saw hope again. I am so very embarrassed by my teeth that I don't leave the house ever. I miss a lot with my kids. He explained a process of using implants that blew my mind. I will be free again and I can go anywhere. I just wanted to drop in and say that so far I am overjoyed with the thought of having beautiful teeth again. I want to keep you posted on my journey and I definitely want to do "after" pictures. See ya soon....
dentist Manlius, NY
irene cartas
22:21 23 Jun 21
I early with an emergency and Dr. Comb saw me right away and took care of things. Also very reasonable. Highly recommend this practice. Thank you Dr and staff were great.
dentist Manlius, NY
Jeannette Evans
19:14 16 Jun 21
Great team! Friendly, efficient and professional. Highly recommend!
dentist Manlius, NY
Patricia Oot
17:30 09 Jun 21
We are new patients and all four of us were very impressed. I have never had such a great cleaning. Highly recommended.
dentist Manlius, NY
Jack Mumford
11:20 11 May 21
I had my first procedure done yesterday - a temporary crown and a small cavity filled. Dr. Jake and his assistant Allie were very professional and did all they could to make it a virtually painless procedure. Pain free today. They did a great job.
dentist Manlius, NY
Jessica Colby
16:48 20 Apr 21
Everyone at the office was extremely nice and incredibly welcoming. Lindsay is an excellent hygenist, very thorough. I would absolutely recommend this practice to everyone!
dentist Manlius, NY
Alexandra Arbogast
23:57 08 Apr 21
Very polite and helpful people. My kids were apprehensive about visiting the dentist after a year long break due to covid, but everyone put them at ease. They explained everything well and offered helpful info. Thanks again!
dentist Manlius, NY
Susan Sage-Bell
12:05 17 Mar 21
I can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually LIKE going to the dentist's now!They treat you with respect and dignity, and do a great job of cleaning and repairing my teeth. Everyone I've met there has been fun or interesting. Just yesterday when I went, Rachael told me she makes clay earrings and is going to be at a "show" in Fayetteville soon. She was so cute! Then when I mentioned the Maryland bridge I have (that's getting ready to fall out!) she got the doctor in there to look at me and we set up and appointment for consultation a week later!! It's a great place.
dentist Manlius, NY
Gerald “Jerry” Berdan
19:38 05 Feb 21
I have been a patient of Revercomb for 30 years now and have always been completely satisfied with my treatment there. Their current coronavirus safety procedures are strictly enforced, so I feel very comfortable with my experience the last couple of visits. Everything goes smoothly and pain-free, and the staff are all friendly and helpful. 5 well-deserved stars.
dentist Manlius, NY
Julie Higgins
22:20 29 Jan 21
I have been a patient of the Manlius Dental Group for about 35 years. During that time I have been treated by Dr. Gary (now retired), Dr. Jake and Dr. Steve. All have treated me professionally and with compassion. They explain all procedures before doing them, and make sure you are comfortable during the procedures. The dental hygienists are also compassionate, gentle and thorough. And, they are always on time! The office is immaculate, all protocols are in place to the maximum! The entire staff truly care about their patients.
dentist Manlius, NY
Chantel Schultz
06:36 12 Jan 21
I wish I had switched to Revercomb sooner! Dr. Steve and his whole staff were incredible. I was in excruciating pain and needed a lot of work done. They got me right in. To say I was very anxious about the appointments and procedure, would be a huge understatement! Due to past experiences with other dentists, I was terrified. Dr. Steve and everyone in the office were so friendly, very compassionate and patient with me. Took the time to explain everything that was going to be done, what to expect in future, answered all of my questions, was gentle and made sure I was comfortable at all times. After the procedure, I even received a call to check in on how I was feeling, which I felt was very thoughtful. You can really tell they genuinely care about their patients! My teeth look AMAZING and I feel so much better! I really cannot thank them enough for everything – and I could not recommend them higher! Undoubtedly the best dental-related experience i’ve ever had!!
dentist Manlius, NY
Ron Reed
15:48 11 Jan 21
I have been a patient of Manlius Dental Group for almost 30 years. I have always been very pleased with the services they provide. They always seem to be on the cutting edge of dental procedures and always have a professional staff. Over this time I have seen many hygienist, but Rachel is certainly the best. Not only is she friendly, but she explains everything perfectly about the results of my visit. She has a genuine concern about your dental healthcare and my teeth have never felt cleaner.
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