At Revercomb Dental Group, we strive to provide each

and every patient with the compassion, attention and

personalized service they deserve from their dentist.

Our friendly staff is available to answer any questions you

may have and will help make your experience as

comfortable and stress-free as possible.

We provide our patients with a wide range

of general and cosmetic dental services, including

implants, porcelain veneers, root canals, whitening,

fillings, crowns, bridges and sealants. We are also

fully equipped to provide emergency care, if needed.

Find out why the health of your mouth just may help protect you from diseases of the body.


Our dentists offer information of new ways to maintain your oral health and keep your smile looking young throughout the years.


The Revercomb Dental Group

 is here to help.

The office is run like clockwork, the staff

is knowledgeable, skilled, courteous, caring and the dental care is top notch.



Efficient, friendly, and best of all personal.

The doctors and staff are professional

and take the time to care. Like the

accommodating, early appointments.