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Effective Sleep Apnea Treatment in Manlius

Sleep apnea is an all too common condition that can be very dangerous. People with sleep apnea often stop breathing while they sleep. This can occur numerous times during the night and can last for a minute or longer.

Manlius Dental Group provides effective sleep apnea treatment for people of all ages. Contact our practice in Manlius to arrange a sleep apnea consultation.

What is Sleep Apnea?

It is estimated that around 18 million people of all ages suffer from sleep apnea in the U.S. The condition usually occurs in three forms: obstructive, central, and mixed. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is the most common form and occurs when the soft tissue at the back of the throat closes and blocks a person’s airway.  A common warning sign of sleep apnea is snoring, especially snoring that is punctuated by gasps or lack of breathing.

Sleep apnea sufferers are roused from sleep briefly to resume proper breathing, which impacts the quality of a person’s rest. If left untreated, sleep apnea can result in high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, stroke, memory problems, weight gain, impotency, headaches and daytime fatigue.


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Sleep Apnea Treatment

Manlius Dental Group is now offering oral sleep appliances for patients with sleep apnea. Oral sleep appliances are an alternative treatment option for patients who cannot tolerate a CPAP machine. Oral sleep appliances work by keeping your throat open, allowing you to breathe freely as you sleep. If your initial in-office screening indicates that you may have sleep apnea, you will be sent home with a sleep test that is later reviewed by a third party. After a positive diagnosis, one of our dentists will discuss treatment options, such as oral sleep appliances, with you.  The oral sleep appliances we use are custom built using advanced pharyngometry technology to identify the most ideal jaw position.

dentist Manlius, NY

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