dentist Manlius, NY

Tooth Implants for Manlius, NY

If you have missing, cracked or damaged teeth, Manlius Dental Group can restore your smile using advanced dental implant technology. We implement the most current techniques in dentistry to restore your smile including the cutting-edge TeethXpress procedure.

dentist Manlius, NY

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Dental Implants and Teeth Xpress

Tooth loss is all too common and can affect our ability to eat and speak with confidence. Replacing missing teeth using dental implants can help prevent bone loss, improve aesthetics and function, and restore comfort and oral health.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are titanium cylinders that are surgically placed in the jaw and can support crowns, bridges, and partial or complete dentures similar to the roots of our natural teeth. Dental implants provide lasting results and full tooth functionality.

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BioHorizons produces a wide range of prosthetic materials that can restore your smile. These dental implants deliver reliable, long-lasting results. Because they utilize the same design aspects used in orthopedics and aerospace technology, BioHorizons abutments provide the tightest, most secure restorations for missing or diseased teeth.

dentist Manlius, NY

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