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Same-Day Crowns and Bridges in Manlius

If you have a weak or broken tooth or have had a large filling resulting in the loss of tooth matter, then you may also require a crown or bridge to be fitted. The dentists at Manlius Dental Group can fit you with prosthetic dental devices such as crowns and bridges in as little as one visit.

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dentist Manlius, NY

All About Crowns and Bridges

Bridges are natural-looking tooth replacements that can help maintain facial structure, reduce stress on your jaw, and fill in gaps caused by missing teeth. Fixed bridges are cemented to your existing teeth and are permanent. Removable bridges can be taken out and cleaned.

Crowns strengthen and improve the shape, size and color of damaged teeth. They are used to support broken or weak teeth, or teeth with large fillings. Crowns provide a smooth, strong, contoured surface for stained, misshapen, or irregular teeth. Crowns also aid in the insertion of bridges and other implants.

Same-Day CEREC Crowns

Manlius Dental Group in Manlius can provide you with fast, same-day crowns using the state-of-the-art CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) system. CEREC allows dentists to create customized crowns in just one consultation. After an initial examination, the dentist will decide what treatment is best for you. If a crown is required, the damaged part of your tooth will be removed and an optical impression (digital photograph) taken. This impression is then converted into a three-dimensional virtual image by a computer which our dentist will use to design your crown. Our milling machine then uses this data to create a personalized crown which is then fitted, polished, and bonded to your tooth. Ceramic crowns are similar in color and texture to normal teeth. CEREC crowns are resistant to cracking. The procedure is fast and requires fewer injections, less drilling, and less material removed from the damaged tooth.

dentist Manlius, NY

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