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Caring General and Cosmetic Dentistry in Manlius

We have re-opened! As we begin our re-opening process, we would you to know that your safety and the safety of our team members is our utmost priority. We have implemented many changes around the office to keep everyone safe and healthy. But there is no need to worry, our same caring and highly trained team is ready and waiting for your arrival. Most importantly welcome back, we look forward to seeing your smiling faces again!

Dedicated to You and Your Family's Safety!

Dr. Jake and his team has taken extra precaution of getting the office ready for your arrival.
See what he has to say below and for a cool tour of the office!



"As usual, Dr. Jake and team went above and beyond. In this post-covid world and the fears of infection, they have done everything possible to make you feel comfortable and to create a safe environment for taking care of necessary dental procedures. If you have not checked out their video on YouTube yet, a must see for how to move forward with the new normal. Thank you for all that you have done." Andrew S. (Google)

Below are changes you can expect when visiting our office. Feel free to download a copy of them as well!

Around the Office

  1. Medical grade HEPA air filtration units have been placed in all treatment rooms and common areas. These units are individually equipped to filter the air multiple times per hour.  
  2. In addition, we have installed an ActiveTek Air Scrubber in our HVAC system to add another level of disinfection to the office space. The Air Scrubber uses a high intensity UVC light which makes use of the same oxidation and ionization processes as sunlight.  These processes destroy up to 99% of surface and airborne contaminants, including microbes.
  3. We have also begun using the Safe Sedate® disposable mask system so that we can safely continue Nitrous services for those patients that require an additional level of comfort. 
  4. We have high-volume suction equipment to minimize aerosols created during your appointment.
  5. We will disinfect commonly touched surfaces such as doorknobs and countertops, IPads, etc. at high frequency.
  6. We have removed all magazines, toys, pamphlets, business cards and communal
    refreshments. Bottled water and prizes will still be available upon request.

For Our Patients

  1. We will screen patients with a brief set of questions over the phone when confirming their appointment.
  2. Patients will use a pre-treatment rinse prior to any aerosol-generating procedure. This has been shown to be effective at killing bacteria and viruses for a short time, so even if a patient does happen to be a silent carrier of the virus, this will significantly decrease the virus in their mouth and the environment.

For Our Team Members

  1. Our clinical team will wear additional personal protective equipment to keep them safe and have all been trained on the latest practices for minimizing transmission of the virus.


We are still working hard to schedule new appointments and complete treatment plans, but our doctors’ and hygienists’ schedules are quite full, so please be patient with us.  If you would like to be seen sooner than your scheduled appointment, please ask about our short call list at check out or call us at 315-682-8400. As appointments open, we can call to get you in sooner!

Stay healthy and keep smiling!  The future is looking BRIGHT!  

Dr. Jake and Dr. Steve

"All of the Revercomb team has done a five star job during the pandemic with communication and ensuring health and safety during visits. I had an appointment with Dr. Steve today - he and his assistant were extremely professional and helpful. Thank you to all of you!!!" Carol H. (Google)